The New Design Digital Power Sequencer was Developed and Successfully Entered Mass Production

  • Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2021 11:38:57

Single-phase digital timing power sequencer

Model: PR680


● Using 32-bit ARM core processor as the controller.

   The delay time is programmable & more precise reliably

● 8 channels with a total power of 8KW,

   Each channel has high performance and RFI/EMI power filter to offer clean and stable power

● 2 × 24 LCD blue backlight display function setting operation interface makes device operation more intuitive;

● Each channel is equipped with an independent hardware emergency shutdown switch,

   which can be used to emergency shut off the power output of a certain channel;

● Password function can be set to better protect the system's power safety management;

● Software editing function, which can independently adjust the delay time of channel startup and shutdown;

● The device has a built-in timing switch function, which can set up to 12 months of timing time;

● The device has a built-in central control code generator, which is convenient for third-party equipment to edit the code;

● The device has a built-in remote control, allowing users to open and close the device anytime and anywhere;

● Multiple expansion and cascading settings can be performed with the same type of power sequencer,

   without the need to purchase other control devices;

● Various equipment controlled control methods, TCP / IP, WIFI, USB, RS485,

   RS232 online control plus external (remote) control can control complex power systems

● This equipment can control third-party equipment through infrared learning function and IO control function.

● Using the new national standard 10A universal safety cover socket, making the safety of electricity more secure.

The New Design Digital Power Sequencer was Developed and Successfully Entered Mass Production

Technical Parameters:



Operating Voltage

Single-phase AC220V (± 20%)

working frequency

50Hz OR 60Hz


Using ARM core 32-bit processor

System parameter display mode

2 × 24 LCD blue backlight LCD display

power input

Connect single-phase 3-core terminal block,

can connect 3-core single-phase cable

RFI / EMI Power Filter

Independent filters for each channel, 8 in total

Timing channel

8-channel independent control timing channel,

8-channel independent normally open control,

8-channel independent hardware switch-type emergency stop setting

RFI / EMI Power Filter

Without power filter

Power output socket

8-way national standard 10A safety cover socket,

the two panels on the panel pass through

to the national standard 10A safety cover socket

Power Output

Power output single-phase total limit load current is 40A

   a. Under the condition of audio load, the total current of each limit is 20A

   b. In the case of pure resistance load, the total current of each limit is 10A.

Remote control interface

RS485, RS232, TCP / IP, USB3.0 / USB2.0, wire control

Infrared learning function

Built-in IR learning function


PC software that can program and control the device through software

Timing function

Built-in perpetual calendar, the device can perform daily and weekly device timing,

and can be set to switch on and off 6 times a day

Timing time

Can be set and changed by yourself.

The power-on delay is 1 to 999 seconds and the power-off delay is 1 to 999 seconds.

Password function

Can be set without password selection function lock and 6 digits,

letters, symbols password selection function lock

Device cascade ID setting

250 ID can be set for cascade control

Control code

Device software built-in central control code generator

Program storage

5 sets of data storage

Antistatic test

May pass antistatic 4000V test

Pressure test

May pass 5000V test

Ground resistance


Installed height


Product size (width x depth x height)


net weight


Shipping size (width x depth x height)


Gross weight



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