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16 Channel dual reverberation 99 effects Audio Mixer with bluetooth


Product Brands: Crcbox

Analog circuit, digital effect and control digital-analog combined professional mixer

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· 1. 8-channel microphone input, 8-channel (4 groups) stereo input
· 2. With 48V phantom power
· 3. 1-8 channels with 80Hz low-cut function, 13-16 channels with lotus input interface, convenient wiring
· 4. Input high, middle and low 3 band balance
· 5. 4 auxiliary outputs, 4 AUX transmissions, 2 FX transmissions,
· 6. Input each channel with main output MAIN, group group, monitor PFL switch, easy to choose
· 7. The monitor indicator and the peak indicator are shared
· 8. With MP3 playback function, MP3 with LCD screen, display songs
· 9. With Bluetooth function, you can directly Bluetooth input audio
· 10. With recording function, you can record directly with U disk
11. Can communicate directly with the computer, the computer USB cable can output audio to the mixer
12. Built-in 2 DSP digital effectors, 198 kinds of effects, good effects, comparable to professional effectors
· 13 effect modes with LCD display, intuitive display and easy operation
· 14. One main output, with balanced and unbalanced output ports, two faders independently controlled, 60mm imported faders
· 15. Real two-group output, independent control of two faders
· 16. Stereo monitor output, you can monitor with headphones or external speakers
· 17.. Stereo Auxiliary Return
· 18. Built-in switching power supply, convenient wiring
· 19. Standard dual 12-segment beam level meter, which accurately indicates the level
· 20 unique appearance design, SMT surface mount technology, reliable performance
21. With recording output and recording playback input

16 Channel dual reverberation 99 effects Audio Mixer with bluetooth


Technical Parameters
Frequency response: +0.5dB/-0.5dB (20Hz-20kHz)
Total harmonic distortion: 0.03%@+14dBu (20 Hz-20kHz)
Input channel: 16 channels:
Mono: 8;
Stereo: 4
Output channel: STEREO OUT: 2;
Grouping: 4, AUX (including FX)
USB input, with lyrics display and Bluetooth connection function
USB audio: USB audio 2.0 compatible
Sampling rate: up to 192kHz,
Bit depth: 24-bit
Phantom power supply voltage: +48V
Built-in double digital effect: 99 programming
Power consumption: 30W


16 Channel dual reverberation 99 effects Audio Mixer with bluetooth16 Channel dual reverberation 99 effects Audio Mixer with bluetooth


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