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DM32PLUS 32 Channel Digital Audio console-9704


Product Brands: Crcbox

Function Powerful digital audio mixer console

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AC 110V AC 220V


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DM32PLUS digital mixer already includes analog mixer + processor + feedback suppressor + equalizer + pre-effects + compressor + frequency divider, multiple system language display operation is more intuitive and convenient, easy to operate.

From wired to wireless, completely seamless switching, in the location of the wireless network area, the tuner can move freely to test/tune the target sound for a more convenient use experience.

DM32PLUS 32 Channel Digital Audio console-9704

Based on Linux operating system development, no fear of intrusion, safer and more stable operation

4-core CPU processor, 1G main frequency, 17 seconds of rapid startup, faster running speed

Chinese and English operation interface, free switching, easier to use

Shutdown parameters are automatically saved, so there is no need to worry about data loss

DM32PLUS 32 Channel Digital Audio console-9704

38-channel signal input (local 32-channel MIC/Line input, 2 groups of 3.5 RCA stereo input, 1 group of digital input: optical fiber/sound card, MP3)

12-channel signal output (main output L, R, 6-channel AUX output, 4-channel grouping output)

Network remote audio expansion 16 Mic/Line input, 8 channel signal output

DM32PLUS 32 Channel Digital Audio console-9704

Input channel panning adjustment
MIC input gain adjustment (digital gain)
Mic input channel parity or AB joint modulation (Linked)
+48V phantom power (MIC channels can be turned on and off independently)
Each input channel has built-in compressor, noise gate, high and low pass filter, 5-band parameter equalization, delay, channel sound image balance adjustment
Quick copy function of channel parameters
Input and output EQ ON/OFF
Multifunction knob
Each channel has a multi-function menu, mute and monitor
The channels are equipped with 100MM electric faders, signal and peak lights (30 ALPS electric faders)
8 DCA groups
8 silent groups
Built-in feedback suppressor
Built-in signal generator (pink noise / sine wave / white noise)
Support dual-machine synchronous data backup
Support Chinese input method
Support remote IO expansion
AUX output (pre/post fader)
Each output channel processing: high and low pass filtering, 15-band parametric equalization, compressor, delay, phase
Dual-row 3-color 12-segment level indicator
Built-in sound card (mobile phone, IPAD, MP3, PC direct playback, recording)
Sound card/MP3 digital recording function
4 shortcut scene recall modes, 100 scene storage, customizable scene name, support for Chinese input, seamless scene switching, no sound interruption
Storage and retrieval of user parameters (can be managed on the PC side)
Two independent DSP effects are built-in locally,
FX foot switch interface
Optical input/output
Multi-operating system control software (IOS system, Android system, WINDOWS system)
Support wired network port adjustment (or external router wireless adjustment)
7 inch 1024*600 HD capacitive touch screen
Two-layer page turning, simplified operation and more convenient use
Support user-defined layer




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