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CRCBOX Audio New design Small 8 Channel Digital Mixer


Product Brands: Crcbox

Newly designed small 8-channel digital audio mixer Applied to live broadcast, conference, church, school, performance, multi-function hall......

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Product parameters
• Based on Linux operating system development, it is free from viruses and runs more safely and stably
• Four MIC/Line inputs, two RCA lotus stereo inputs, two independent sound card digital inputs, and one digital word (MP3, Bluetooth)
• Support+48V phantom power supply (MIC channel can be opened and closed independently)
• Input built-in noise gate, pressure limiter, high-low pass, 4-segment parameter equalization, delay, phase, and audio image balance adjustment of the transmission channel
• MIC/Line input supports independent feedback suppression function to effectively suppress howling
• MIC/Line input has microphone priority function setting
• 19 luminous volume knobs, which can quickly adjust various parameters
• 6-way output (L/R stereo main output, AUX1, AUX2 two-way mono output, two-way stereo headphone output)
• Output built-in 15 segment parametric EQ equalization, voltage limiter, high-low pass filter, delay, phase
• Built in two-way independent effector unit (various karaoke effects and musical instrument effects)
• Built in 5.0 dual mode digital Bluetooth, supporting Bluetooth music playing and APP debugging
• Two channels of independent TYPE-C sound card interface, which can be directly connected to the mobile phone for live broadcast, and has settings for charging the mobile phone
• Built in a variety of special effects, one button play, support customization
• Panel 4 shortcut scene call modes, one click loading
• 20 scene modes can be stored and retrieved by users
• Support infrared remote control one button control
• Support TCP protocol central control
• Multi operating system control software, mobile phone APP, computer debugging
• Support 100M wired network port adjustment (or wireless adjustment of external router)
• Support 12V DC power supply, 10000mA, more than 5 hours of working time
• 5-inch 800 * 480 high-definition capacitive touch screen

New design Small Digital Mixer

technical parameter

nput Mic/Line:1-4 balance,XLP~1/4 TRS Interface control Slide rail N/A
  Input sensitivity(XLR/TRS) XTR1.5mv,TRS 7mv   touch screen 5"TFT,800×480 resolving power
  Input analog gain -32db~10db , 0.6~0.7 Stepping   Output Group yes
  Maximum input level(XLR/TRS) +19dBu/+29dBu   Mute group N/A
  Input impedance(XLR/TRS) MIC>5K ,LINE>10K   network TCP/IP Ethernet for PC and iPad applications
  Mic Input stereo link N/A   System upgrade USB
  Parameter link Equalization, dynamic, delay, allocation, transmission   Wired connection Windows PC Software connection
  Polarity Normal/Flip   Wireless connection Windows PC/iPad/android
  Stereo Line In   Input processing Input Source Local CH1-CH4,ST1,ST2
  ST1/ST2 RCA input   Equalizer 4 band parametric  EQ, (20HZ--20KHZ)±12dB,Q0.3~15 adjustable
        High low pass 12db/24db,(BT/BS/LRK),20-20K
  Input sensitivity 4dB   Noise gate Straight through switch
  Input analog gain -32db~10db , 0.6~0.7 Stepping   Gate valve value -105db~-39db
  Maximum input level +29dB   Shock/release 50us-300ms/10ms-5s
  Input impedance >7KΩ   Compressor Straight through switch
  Stereo link yes   Threshold ratio -50db-+6db/1:1 to Max
  Parameter link Equalization, dynamic, delay, allocation, transmission   delayed Max 30ms
  Polarity Normal/Flip      
Output Mix 4 and left and right outputs balance,XLR,L/R,2AUX,2channel 3.5 headphone output Output processing Output channel L/R,2AUX,2 channel 3.5 to max
  Output impedance <75Ω   Equalizer 15 band parametric  EQ, (20HZ--20KHZ)±12dB,Q0.3~15 adjustable
  Nominal output +4dbu=0db Level meter reading   High low pass 12db/24db,(BT/BS/LRK),20-20KHZ
  Residual output noise =-91dbu   Compressor Self through switch
  Mix Insert Assign FX to mix channel   Threshold ratio -40db-+6db/1:1 to max
  dynamic range 112dB   delayed Max 30ms
  Signal-to-noise ratio XLR≥ 105db,TRS≥82db USB drive CH340(USB A)
  Maximum output voltage/level 4VAC  MAX/+19dBu MP3 equipment Use a USB hard drive
  Distortion degree <0.0003%(1KhzFull Power)   Stereo playback recording 2 Channel (wav/mp3)48KHz 24
  frequency response 20HZ-20KHZ+/-0.5db Bluetoon 5.0 Broadcast recording and APP connection
  sampling rate 48KHz ±100PPM USB Audio sound card  1 USB B
  ADC/DCA 24 bit Delta-sigma   Send uplink 2-channel full format,32KHz-96KHz 24 bit
FX Inside FX 2xFX engine, send>return or insert   Send downlink 2 Channel,MP3,48KHz,24 bit
  Type Reverb, delay, chorus, edger, symphonic chorus, etc   sound card  2  
  2 dedicated stereo FX returns Audio video, mute, send to mix/LR, 4-segment EQ   Send downlink 2 Channel,MP3,48KHz,24 bit
System Linux system Chinese, English language switch Power 12V2A


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